Grantebrycge Conclave No. 36
Consecrated Thursday 24th February 2022

Nearly 60 Pilgrims and Preceptors were privileged to be present at the first Consecration to be carried out by our Grand Master, M.Ill.Bro. Jonathan Roberts, at the Masonic Hall, Newmarket.

Our newest Conclave will meet at Freemasons’ Hall, Bateman Street, Cambridge, and elsewhere in the Craft Province of Cambridgeshire.

The Primus Illustrious Preceptor is Ill.Bro. William C.M. Dastur, well known to all Cambridgeshire Masons and far beyond!

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An Address from our Grand Master

R.Ill. Bro. T.F. Auber, Regional Governor,
23 Church Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1DS

Telephone 01394 384419 email

27th June 2020

Dear Brethren,

As you are all too well aware, today’s scheduled meeting of Grand Conclave has been struck down by the virus, so we are only able to mourn and celebrate, virtually, the passing of our late and great Grand Master, M.Ill. Bro. Stephen Michael Ayres, J.P., and the declaration of the now M.Ill. Bro. Jonathan Charles Roberts as his successor.

You will have received from your Scribe Preceptor both our new Grand Master’s first communication and the address from our Grand Chaplain, R.Ill. Bro. Louis Keats, PGWyP, and I join with him in asking you to remember in particular, from our own Region, Bill Neve, Arthur Craddock and Gordon Gentry, all great servants of Freemasonry in general and our Order in particular .

I am sure you will also want to congratulate those members of the Region who have been confirmed in Grand office, promoted, or appointed for the first time, namely

David Boswell Grand Worthy Preceptor John Wickes Grand Treasurer

Jeffrey Conway Grand Registrar Christopher Burgess Dep.G.Treas.

Geoffrey Keer Asst.G. Marshall Colin Ringham Grand Steward

Donald Woodgate Grand Steward Peter Coles P.G.Deputy Marshal

Nick Le-Grys P.A.G. Marshal Bill Irwin P.G.Keeper of the P.

Enjoy your time in office, and may we all meet again soon, safe and in good health!

Very sincerely and fraternally yours,

Tom Auber

From our Grand Chaplain

Grand Conclave of the Masonic Order of Pilgrim Preceptors

M Ill Bro. Stephen M. Ayres, JP, Grand Master


It is with great regret and a sense of personal loss of a friend that I have to announce  that M.Ill.Bro. Stephen M. Ayres, J.P., our Grand Master since 2011, was summoned to the Grand Conclave above on 31st March 2020 at the age of 77.  He had previously announced that he would obligate and install R.Ill.Bro. Jonathan Roberts, PGExP, Grand Marshall, as his successor at the meeting of Grand Conclave at Leicester on Saturday 27th June 2020.   Due to the current coronavirus situation, that meeting will not now take place, and further details of the installation will be published when known.  In the mean time, our Deputy Grand Master, R.Ill.Bro. Roger Joseph Ernest O’Brien is in charge.

Tom Auber


I am very pleased to announce that:

Iceni Conclave

was consecrated by the Grand Master, M.Ill.Bro. Stephen M. Ayres, J.P., on
Monday 30th September 2019 at Great Yarmouth, where the new Conclave will meet.

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Coeselforda Conclave

was consecrated by the Grand Master, M.Ill.Bro. Stephen M. Ayres, J.P., on
Friday 14th February 2020 at Chelmsford, where the new Conclave will meet.

Arrangements are in hand for the consecration in 2020 of another Conclave, to meet in

Cambridge. Anyone interested should please contact me.

Tom Auber
Regional Governor

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